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ESO Common Pipeline Library

The Common Pipeline Library (CPL) comprises a set of ISO-C libraries that provide a comprehensive, efficient and robust software toolkit. It forms the basis for the creation of automated astronomical data reduction tasks (pipelines)

CPL 5.0.1. installation on serv2.foa.univie.ac.at:

  • CPLDIR /usr/local/cpl
  • CPL 5.0.1. based instrument pipelines: /usr/local/pipeline


ESO Multi-Scale Vision Model (ESO/MVM)

ESO/MVM (or "alambic") is an end-to-end, high-throughput image reduction system based upon the multi-resolution Vision Model (MVM).


Astronomical Pipeline Software

The following tools are meant to be run in batch mode on large quantities of data with minimum human intervention

  • SExtractor: source extraction
  • SCAMP: astrometric calibration & photometric homogenisation
  • SWarp: image regridding and coaddition

ESO Instrument Pipelines

The data reduction pipelines have to provide the necessary data for:

  • Data quality control;
  • Calibration data base;
  • Science data products.




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