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Project DR-10

Source extraction in 3D cubes


This project addresses source extraction procedures in 3D data cubes for VIMOS, SINFONI, and GIRAFFE IFU data. Extending the module to 2nd generation VLT Instruments such as MUSE (Multi Unit Spectroscopic Explorer; http://www.eso.org/instruments/muse/) and KMOS (infrared multi-integral field spectrograph; http://www.eso.org/instruments/kmos) should be investigated.




Applicable instruments and modes



Required archive, calibration or observation data

Archive data from VIMOS, SINFONI, and GIRAFFE IFU.


Required algorithm developments

Packages exist for source detection in 2D images, e.g. the standard source extraction procedure SExtractor (Bertin & Arnouts 1996, A&A, 117, 393) which is used at ESO to post-process the VIMOS and OmegaCAM pipeline products. There are, however, no such algorithms for 3D data that optimally take advantage of the spectral signal.

The following tasks are planned:

  1. Retrieve archive data from the above mentioned instruments, and obtain pipeline reduced data from ESO Data Products Department.
  2. Define a product interface (requirements on the pipeline products for this taks)
  3. Analyse the data, and test methods
  4. Writing / debugging / documenting CPL-based code


Required software developments

All software will be developed following the guidelines of the VLT-SPE-ESO-19000-1618 document. The software delivery will include in particular the CPL-based recipes, test reports, user documentation and Reflex workflows.



As with for the task DR-04, there is currently no package available against which the new recipes can be evaluated (TBC). The validation will mostly consist of comparing the results with interactive reduction, e.g. for the VIMOS, SINFONI, and GIRAFFE IFU observation data.

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